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In these sessions, Laura calls in the Beings of Light , and in this sacred space  she receives messages from your soul.

Through her Reiki hands and guidance, these messages are gently brought to light and empowered by you to fulfill your destiny.

As your inner knowing is rediscovered, you experience the brilliance of your soul and trust its guidance. Resistances can be understood, embraced and lovingly moved beyond.

Each session is different in form but has the same intention: to assist you on your path of discovery and evolution, for your sake and the world’s.

$45 to $75





Laura and the client link with Higher Spiritual Forces, the Beings of Light. Their energy and guidance can lead to profound inner shifts of consciousness.

Art Therapy is a dynamic form of counseling. It quickly leads the client and therapist to the heart of the matter, by engaging the psyche directly. The motivation to evolve, rather than artistic ability, is all that is required.

Art Therapy is Effective for:

• Times of transition
• Grief and loss
• Resolving past traumas
• Enhancing spiritual evolution and Self expression through playing with color.





Family constellations is a dynamic, experiential system that addresses issues of loss and grief over the generations. Tapping into the wisdom of the soul in this way can lead to deep transformation. Traumas such as adoption, life threatening illness, abortion, war etc are often related to family crises over several generations, even without one’s conscious awareness.



Laura offers phone (or Skype) consultations for many of her services such as EFT and NLP, Theta Healing. Please email her to schedule a time.

1 hour $72



NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) is a type of behavior modification influencing the nervous system through precise language and vivid imagery. It an excellent methodology to alter habits, eliminate phobias, resolve dilemmas, in fact, to change any behavior that hinders the expression of who you are.


NLP is helpful for clients who want to project a favorable outcome into the future , such as exams, job interview, or confidence in making a speech.


NLP is a form of short term therapy and can be useful on its own. It can be effectively combined with a longer, deeper inner exploration such as with art therapy.


Laura is proficient in many professional methods to guide you in your personal transformation. NLP is one of the many tools she offers. During the intake interview Laura will develop a treatment plan, selecting the most effective ways to support you in achieving your goals.



Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) allows you to transform specific behavior which is undesirable to desirable. This method of energy healing is simple to learn and very powerful. It was derived from a complex and expensive system combining language and meridian energy lines. Fortunately the essence of that elaborate system was distilled into EFT, which can be learned in an hour. Clients have found it useful to transform personal habits, including sleep and eating patterns, while accepting themselves exactly as they are.