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What is ElderBeauty : Conscious Aging through Creativity, Connection and Fun?

It is a project to encourage our appreciation of ourselves as seniors, to recognize the acceptance of life’s paradoxes  in our laugh wrinkles and eyes. We have learned acceptance of children and much of life exactly as they are. This we have learned through life’s blessings and hardships.

We intend to love unconditionally and are learning to do so.

As budding elders, we open ourselves to the mysteries that can’t be explained by the mind, but can be embraced by the heart.

When elders are acknowledged and respected in our culture everyone benefits. Their accumulated wisdom is drawn from a longer and wider view of social situations and political culture. Their wisdom is crucial for us at this time in humanity’s evolution.


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There are two courses in the program.

Movement/relaxation courses address the physical body and all its systems. It links the body, mind and spirit. 

Self-expression/creativity courses address emotions, personality, and the soul.



Vision: To offer an inspiring fun weekly exercise class, drawing upon yoga, pilates, and authentic movement. To experience and to create a sense of community. To protect backs and knees, keeping them limber and healthy.

Program: Exercises will be done sitting on a chair, standing or lying down. After a long guided relaxation the class will conclude with a brief mediation.



Vision: To develop a new evolutionary path for elders in modern society.

Program: Together in creativity classes we will explore and share our journeys through discussion, visualization, writing, meditation, chanting, and art.

A. As we rediscover our wholeness within this intimate setting, we can support each other’s projects that fulfill us and serve the larger community.

B. Finally, it becomes inter-generational.
Into this atmosphere of creativity, wisdom and compassion we we’ll invite interested youth ages 9, 10, 11 to join us.
“Tell us your concerns for the future. What are your passions?  How we can support you?”

Through playful activities, deep listening and authentic dialogue, elders and youth will collaborate in mutually satisfying ways.
We can create a new social action project, or support existing humanitarian and environmental programs, especially those initiated by young people.

Afterwards, we’ll present our collaboration to our community.