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Having a session with Laura was very life affirming. She tuned into what it was I was ready to hear and know to support me on my journey at this time. I left feeling lighter, clearer and more stable in my focus of Who I AM in the world as a contributor of my gifts, skills & talents. I recommend Laura to those ready to step more fully onto their unique path.

Rose, Encinitas So. California


A few years ago, I took a course with Laura that explored Feminine Spirituality.  Laura’s course was the highlight of my week! We were a small group of women who examined the history of women, shared our own experiences, and participated in guided meditations, yoga and dance. Our discussions inspired me to explore my personal beliefs and my relationships with myself, others, and my environment. These teachings continue to guide me on my spiritual journey. Thank you!

Kelly S. Montreal, Ottawa


I have had the opportunity to receive a number of treatments from Laura, and they have helped me tremendously to re-align misconceived moments and bring clarity where there was none at the time. Her versatilty in moving from art therapy, to reiki, and intuitive response helped to accurately assess my needs, creating a healing and supportive environment for self-discovery.

Helga, Montreal



Laura’s love for teaching, her joyful presence, and deep well of wisdom have kept me coming back to her courses for years now. I can honestly say that her teachings have been some of the most significant catalysts for spiritual growth in my experience.

Rosie, Montreal, Val-David


Laura created a space that was safe, gentle, and nurturing… (Her) unique talent is to weave healing and spirituality with creativity using a broad range of modalities. She is a creative, gentle and insightful woman.

Paula M., Ottawa


Since meeting Laura approximately five years ago, her work as a healer and teacher has become deeply integrated into my life.

Curtis M., Ottawa/Montreal


Laura was a bright and steadfast support for me at a pivotal time in my personal development. Through our working together in both art therapy and Reiki, I came to into deeper, trusting contact with my intuitive and emotional body.

Julian C., Montreal


Kindness, calmness, comfort and sincerity – qualities of Laura I appreciated during my Reiki sessions with her. I am thankful and grateful to Laura for the healing I experienced.

Elizabeth K., Ottawa